Denby Sheather

"breathe deeply, tread lightly..."


Basically anyone who is ‘awake’ is an activist.

Anyone who begins to shift consciousness from darkness towards the light and understands that there is more to life than what we are currently experiencing is awakening their inner activist.

To be ‘active’ means to participate, to do; to agitate a situation or a particular individual with the intent of raising awareness, encouraging ethical integrity and striving to find a peaceful and sustainable resolution that benefits the whole. The opposite is to be dormant, deactivated and asleep, and in that state we are vulnerable to being controlled.

We hear the term activist a lot nowadays and many of us would most likely associate it with images of eco terrorists strapping themselves to wood chipping machinery to stop loggers destroying old growth forests, or bracing the Antarctic waters to fend off foreign whaling fleets from hunting our endangered whales. These are extreme examples of course, but if it weren’t for the work of people like this, literally putting their lives and careers on the line, we wouldn’t have many of the victories in conservation, environmental protection or animal rights’ as we have today.

Earth and Ocean warriors such as Captain Paul Watson, Jacques Cousteau, Jane Goodall, Diane Fossey, and those before them such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Meera and Gandhi to name but a few, have all led the activist charge in one way or another, igniting collective passion and bringing people together in the name of love; their catch cry of ‘No More!” resounding around the globe.

These brave souls embody deep commitment, integrity and a high level of self sacrifice to get the job done. They are also supported by many celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Sam Simon, Steve Irwin, Ricky Gervais, Bono, Leonardo Di Caprio, Ed Norton, George Clooney, Sigourney Weaver, Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson and a plethora of other ‘stars’ who have woken up and have the means to offer financial assistance; happy to use their profiles to help these causes and the people who initiate them, spanning from supporting environmental sustainability, solar power initiatives, human rights work and animal protection. I have the utmost respect for these people who use their position for good, and for those ‘ordinary heroes’ among us, the ones on the ‘front line’ and their teams of volunteers who stand up and speak out at the risk of personal degredation, persecution and criticism. As a collective society with access to so many gadgets, options and shiny things to distract us, we have slowly become soft and complacent, with an attitude of expectation. Unfortunately also through our attachment to all these comforts, we have allowed ourselves to be herded, tagged and controlled by the powers that be for way too long. It is time for this to change.

To me, an activist is someone who sheds light on a situation and agitates it to get a desired response, for example, a wrongfully imprisoned person freed, the closure of animal torture park Sea World (more commonly and aptly referred to as ‘abusement parks), or the rewriting of laws that serve only the elite few and subjugate the majority. An activist seeks to remove the ‘stain’, the blight or the practice that isn’t right on some level ~ emotionally, mentally, spiritually or from an ethical perspective ~ in order to restore healthful condition and harmony. They draw attention to the wounds in our societal structures, and rouse others to the cause so that things that add to global destruction and separation, can be addressed, discussed, balanced and healed, and they know that by uniting hands and hearts in the spirit of connection, is the only way to affect real and lasting change.

These people come in all shapes and forms, from all walks of life and with any number of qualifications, be they academic, moral or spiritual, and they are filled with a driving passionate belief in what they are fighting for. They are alive and they are Light.

We all have the power to choose, every day, what side of the fence we stand on, regardless of whatever projections, traumas or conditionings we have been brought up with. We all have the power to make a difference in every moment.

Try this simple quiz and see where you stand: tick as many as apply.

* you care about the health and longevity of the planet

* you choose organic products over chemical ones despite the increase in cost

* you have a deep yearning to protect animals, especially endangered species

* you donate regularly to animal rights’ groups as well as human charities

* you choose not to eat meat because you can’t tolerate animal cruelty

* you refuse to wear real furs of any kind

* you refuse plastic bags, bubble wrap and excess packaging when shopping

* you attend rallies in support of conservationist groups


So, are you an activist? I hope so!

If you ticked off more than 3 on this list, you might well be an activist in disguise, and looking at the previous list of names, you are in good company if you are.

Anyone who believes there are other more respectful and balanced ways to live and treat each other is an activist.

Anyone who chooses to shun the mundane ‘norm’ in favour of exploration, cohesion and honest expression from the heart is an activist.

Anyone who is willing to walk the talk instead of just paying lip service or following what is trendy or lucrative or promising fame is an activist.

An activist chooses to make a difference, and their hearts don’t let them falter. Even against all odds, under threat of suppression, persecution, imprisonment and exile, they stand strong. From ocean faring Captain Paul Watson, hunted by governments with agendas and accused of being a terrorist, to a more local level where they are ostracised from friends, family and community for standing up against the machine. Either way, whatever part of the world they reside, the activists’ path is never easy.

True eco warriors are instinctively compelled and driven, to DO. It is in their blood. Once the calling has been acknowledged and answered within their spirit, it fuels them into a life of action. Like a dreamscape you wake from that haunts you afterwards, the activists’ desire to change what is, lingers and grows till they cannot ignore or contain it. I believe we all have this potential inside of us, because we are all made of the same stuff; we all intrinsically want the same things; love, happiness, and to live a good, peaceful life, without fear. We all have special gifts to offer; the challenge is to recognise what those gifts are, and then find the courage to share them in service, without falling prey to the seven deadly sins (although I’m sure there are more than seven), the hooks of ego, and the temptations that come with being human. When you work to actively achieve this and can navigate the ‘grand illusion’, you are then more likely to make a real and positive contribution to the world. You are then automatically more connected to others, more compassionate, more aware and consciously participating. You are birthing your inner activist!

Yet like any enlightened army or group of challengers, numbers are needed if they are to have any permanent effect, and this is where your work really sets in. If you scored three or more ticks in the quiz, then you can safely say that you give a shit about what happens in your world and about the other beings you share it with, and maybe, you are ready to put your money where your mouth is. Only you can decide of course if you are, but I believe if you go into your heart and connect with how you really feel about some of those issues mentioned, and whether you can or can’t live with or accept them, then that is your answer. That voice inside will only hide for so long.

The blockage at present is that so many of us are still asleep; dormant, blissfully unaware and spiritually ignorant. Fear comes into this too for people don’t want to change what they think is working, in case the alternative is worse than what they already know.

The time is ripe for all latent activists to take a stand and raise their voices!

I believe an activist lies dormant inside each and every one of us. It’s just a matter of time before YOUR inner eco warrior awakens; until YOUR truth won’t be silent any longer. Until YOUR tolerance button is pushed beyond its limit.

So what can you do if this path is calling to you and you feel inspired to join the march against normalcy and injustice? A few tips for you here:

* Sign up to whichever charity speaks to you, for animals and for people.

* DONATE!! Either online or when you pass collectors on the street.

* Write letters to your local MP about issues that concern you.

* Be proud to wear clothing with slogans and statements that you believe in ~ Sea Shepherd, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Living Ocean, No Plastic Please and many others all have great and affordable merchandise. Your financial support makes a huge difference.

* Put stickers on your car to raise awareness in your community.

* Get outside and COMMUNE with NATURE! Spend time listening, absorbing, witnessing and connecting with HER rhythms and wisdoms, to find your unique pathway of service.

* Start up a petition on facebook about something close to your heart, or sign and share the numerous others that are circulating.

* Buy your children more ‘conscious’ toys and books to educate them.

* Choose organic and green household products over old favourites.

* Avoid holidaying at places like Sea World and educate your children about what really goes on there. Show them films like The Cove and The Whale so they understand and connect with what is right and wrong.

* Don’t ever be afraid to share what you believe in with your friends and family. Be proud of caring for our world and all her creatures. Your dedication and passion may be just the thing to ignite and awaken them.

* Every day, spend time sending love and healing energy to others less fortunate than yourself, to all sentient beings and to Mother Nature, and keep believing that you can, and do, make a difference.

If you love and truly appreciate this world that you live in and what it affords us all, then you too will unleash your inner activist nature and join the millions of others awakening across the globe with the intent to give a damn and make a difference!

In the words of Carl Jung, “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

May today be that day for you.


Denby X