Price List

active birth yoga courses (school terms only) with Denby. 2015 dates: July 25th ~ Sept 12th & October 10th ~ December 12th. $250/10 week course
$200/8 week course
$225/9 week course
Base Instincts psoas course 1: next term July 13th ~ August 24th. 8 week course. Mondays 7pm ~ 8:30pm Bookings only course.
Base Instincts psoas course 2: next term July 15th ~ August 26th. 7 weeks. Wednesdays 9:45am ~ 11:15am Bookings only course.
Thursday yin yoga with Denby beginner/general $25 casual
10 class pass $200
Mana Yoga with Denby (mon / wed/ thurs / sat classes) $25 casual/10 class pass $200
Sunday restorative yin yoga with Denby $25 casual
Pilates with Patrice (Tuesdays) Incorporates bodywork toning and Thetahealing to create strength and expansion in body, mind and spirit. $35 casual
Triple S sessions with Patrice
(soulful, sensual, strengthening)
$50 casual
swiss ball/stretch & relax with Stuart $15 casual/10 class pass $150
private shamanic sessions with Denby ~ by appointment only. Psychic and bodywork, aromatherapy, shamanic healing/clearing. $200 for 1.5~2.5 hours
Salted Souls Retreat