Denby Sheather

"breathe deeply, tread lightly..."

The Wood Horse year has certainly started at a gallop! No nice trotting along, pacing ourselves or easing into our maximum. We have been asked to jump in the saddle, stirrup up and hold on tight!


With our legs though, and our bellies; not our hands or minds.


A wonderful image to describe the energy of this year is that of riding a horse with your arms outstretched, heart open and eyes closed! Steady in your seat, grounded in your intention and receptive to anything that flows towards and around you.

This particular seasonal transition is all about TRUST. Even when you don’t have a plan or when everything that has usually supported you, appears to be crumbling away. We must keep the faith.


This time on earth now, is actually a time of great healing. If you are finding that things are being taken away from you, falling apart, or not going ‘according to plan’; SURRENDER.

Anyone that no longer gets you or appreciates how your energy is shifting and transcending; SAY GOODBYE.

Anything that doesn’t align with your highest vibration, or that doesn’t come to you easily, don’t force it; LET IT GO.


It’s all about restructuring ~ ourselves, our societal paradigms, the way we move, sense, think and manifest. It’s about breathing into and freeing up our own hearts’ divinity, in order to recreate and reconnect to Source, to each other and to a new, more response~filled and responsible, way of being. This requires emptying out and creating space so that this new information and knowledge has somewhere to anchor and grow. But it is by no means an easy task. It takes vigilance, work and daily dedication. So many of have been experiencing challenge after challenge, re opening after reopening, and what seems like a continual barrage of bad luck. It is not that you are a victim or ‘deserve’ this or that it is your karma, punishment or whatever. Those old hierarchies are weakening, and along with them, those people filled with energy that still wants to control, divide and conquer others. We are all being called to action, to awareness and awakening; we are all capable healers and manifestors in our own right. We don’t actually need gurus or pontiffs or guardian leaders ~ we are our own teachers, warriors and keepers of the Light. We are all being asked to open and trust, be vulnerable, be real, stop resisting and projecting, and pause. Allow. Be. And discover this truth for ourselves; within ourselves.


Pausing is not about giving up or giving in or copping out by the way; it’s about acceptance, allowance, surrender and letting go. It’s one of the most powerful ‘non~actions’ you can practice. Not doing, creates more doing than you can imagine, and if we can practice this daily, off our mats, our experience ON our mat will be that much sweeter. We will be rewarded with the insights and abundance that is coming once this universal shift finally embeds.


As usual we have some amazing offerings coming to Breathing Space this Autumn and continuing into Winter, that are guaranteed to nourish and support you, body mind and soul, so please keep coming to yoga and embracing whatever crosses your path with an open and trusting heart.



The shift from Late Summer to Autumn has happened almost overnight this year. One day it was a hot, sunny perfect Summer’s day, the next, after a massive electrical show courtesy of Thor, we land in Autumn, surrounded by grey skies, chilly rainstorms and the sinusitis to go with it.

You may be feeling excited about this season and looking forward to hitting the ski slopes, or you may already be dreading your annual recurrence of sinusitis, ITB or repetitive strain injury. There may also be a shift in your thoughts and feelings, taking you down a slow winding road from joyous summery celebrations, to a cooler, damper almost claustrophobic landscape, where the idea of sitting still, breathing into and acknowledging your feelings, seems not just impossible, but maybe even physically torturous.


Autumn invites us to separate from attachments, congestion and stagnant behaviours, so that we may redefine and strengthen our internal structure and sense of direction. Without this connection and clarity, we go round in circles, disillusioned, distracted and often devoid of awareness, which not only makes for repetitive mistakes, but serves to embed learned and often negative beliefs and behaviours, until we lose sight of who we are and who we want to be. Judgement, dissention and anarchy follow where there is lack of focus and integrity.


The element of Metal governs the lungs, which relate to not only the breath, but to our ability to inspire, ignite and infuse life force and creativity; and the colon, which works to eliminate toxins on all levels, and restore a sense of self, filled with integrity, confidence and equanimity. Metal forges precious gems and provides the framework for earth and wood to crystalise, petrify and fossilise. The sheer forces necessary to create these structures deep within the earth, is refected in our intestines, the peristaltic action that works to open, channel, cleanse and refine, every cell in the body, especially the linings of the lungs and bowels.