Pregnancy Yoga course



February 6th ~ April 2nd (8 weeks ~ excluding Saturday February 20th) $200

May 7th ~ June 25th (8 weeks) $200

July 30th ~ September 10th (7 weeks) $180

October 15th ~ December 10th (9 weeks) $225

Time: Saturday 9:15am ~ 10:30am 

Senior yoga bodyworker Denby Sheather is one of the yoga industry’s most sought after practitioners in the field of womens’ health, prenatal and post natal yoga therapy.

Each course works to strengthen the blood and reproductive organs, the pelvis, legs and lower back and includes gentle healing massage, shiatsu therapy, chakra balancing, meditations and visualisations plus pranayama (breath work) for pre and established labour and birthing.  When we are connected, open hearted and fear less, we can meet and work with, the challenges of birth.

The unique format has been fine tuned over several years to ensure your complete safety. We begin each session with gentle yoga to release any congestion in the body, followed by appropriate breathing practices that help open and still the mind and lead naturally into guided visualisation. Sacred birth ritual completes the practice to soothe the soul and eliminate lingering fears, tension and fatigue. Each week is progressive, informative and deeply restorative.

“My intention behind creating prenatal workshop series is to connect mothers-to-be with their own innate healing power and birthing abilities. Sharing my knowledge and experience is a calling, not a job for me. I am here to be in service and to support women with the skills that I have learned and inherited.

When we transit from womanhood to motherhood and draw upon our own strength and knowing, the need for extra therapies, expensive treatments or other interventions, is greatly reduced, even unnecessary. Just through the power of our own breath (pranayama), yoga postures (asana), heart connection and meditation, birth becomes the yogic dance nature intended. Birth IS yoga. During these sessions you will learn to listen to and support, yourself, your partner and your baby (energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally); you will also receive Master Reiki attunement for energetic clearing and receptiveness… deepening your spiritual bond with your unborn child.

Pregnancy is about embracing and rejoicing in the fullness and beauty of the Feminine plus carrying to full term with as few hiccups as possible. The first trimester often rushes by before we have time to really absorb how our bodies and lives are changing.  The second trimester gives many of us reprieve from nausea and exhaustion and we start to feel vibrant and positive, encouraged by our growing strength and baby bellies. By the third trimester our focus turns inwards and towards the realities of labour.  This is when our natural anxieties arise about reaching that ‘magical 10cms’. We realise we must surrender the mind and move from our heart. For some women birth is about healing trauma from previous experiences, on all levels, that may have left them feeling powerless, for others it’s about epidural, c-section, breech or posterior babies. Many women cannot give birth vaginally for purely anatomical reasons. The mechanics of birthing may be universal, our physiological makeup may be the same, but every woman’s experience, every woman’s story, is unique, and every woman has the right to make conscious, empowered decisions without fear, pressure or regret.  

These workshops will empower you on all levels and help connect you with your own truth and strength. When you trust in your abilities you can calmly apply all you have learnt in preparation, to each and every contraction, and create the birth you desire.” 

“I’ve had three children locally and would have to say that this course is one of the best I have come across for pregnancy and birth support. Not only did I learn so much about my body and how to harness my mind creatively, but I discovered how to own my feminine energy and access my deepest reserves of courage. This was one of the greatest gifts I received from Denby’s teachings and one I will use every day for the rest of my life.”


“Denby is a caring and gifted teacher.  With her guidance I healed two previous birth traumas and birthed my third child naturally and without drugs… this course was my saviour!”


“There are several prenatal classes in the area but I would only recommend Denby’s for she is truly a stand out therapist.  Her natural affinity with yoga and energy put me completely at ease and I trust my baby and I are in the best of hands. This is my first pregnancy and while I obviously flit between anxiety and fear about it all most of the time, I owe a growing sense of calm and trust to Denby. She has such a beautiful way of connecting with our emotions, our bodies and thoughts with complete honesty, that by the time we’ve finished our practice I feel renewed and hopeful and strong again. Bless you Denby for all that you are and all that you give us.”


Bookings for Active Birth courses are essential. Payment at time of booking is appreciated. Payment plans available in special circumstances – please contact Denby to discuss. 


Denby is also available as a ‘spiritual doula’, accompanying you throughout pregnancy and labour and into motherhood. As your baby makes the journey from womb to earth, Denby will create the highest and clearest sacred space for their soul to transition onto this plane. Using her intuitive and powerful shamanic gifts, she will assist both you and your baby through this major rite of passage, so you are as energetically aligned with each other, grounded and protected and supported on all etheric levels. This is profound work intended to nurture and guide each baby soul into the physical realm with as much grace and ease as possible, dissolving any birth traumas, karmic scars and DNA imbalances, in accordance with universal law and individual purpose, in the process. 

Denby’s healing work is renowned across Sydney and she is very excited to be called to service in this way in 2016. Please contact her directly for more information.

Contact Denby on 0413 747 644 or email