Denby Sheather

"breathe deeply, tread lightly..."

Shamanic Birth & Sacred Yoga

Pre natal helps prepare you physically, hormonally and emotionally for pregnancy and child birth.

These are the longest running and most comprehensive pre natal classes in the area, facilitated by Avalon’s pioneer prenatal yoga therapist & shamanic facilitator Denby Sheather.

Each course works to strengthen the blood and reproductive organs, the pelvis, legs and lower back and includes gentle healing massage, shiatsu therapy, chakra balancing, meditations and visualisations plus pranayama (breath work) for pre and established labour and birthing.  When we are connected, open hearted and fear less, we can meet and work with, the challenges of birth.

Most of the physical discomforts and emotional surges experienced during pregnancy can be embraced, relieved and even avoided with simple postures and breath awareness. Easing stress and building strong organs will balance the central nervous system, enhance circulation & relieve digestive tension.  Yoga is also very effective for relaxing any anxieties or energy blockages that may be hindering conception as well. By marrying the breath with your innate ability to sustain life and give birth, you CAN manifest for yourself a natural conception, empowering labour and active birth. This is not just your hearts’ desire, it is your birthright.

These classes offer so much more than you are used to expecting (pardon the pun!). Both you and your baby are held in sacred energetic space; a space that is receptive to messages from your spiritual guides, your baby’s spirit, and your higher Self. We often incorporate simple ceremony and clearing so that you feel anchored and deeply connected to your primal ancestral roots. This allows us to work powerfully yet gently, to remove psychic hooks, any attachments such as fear, anxiety, previous birth traumas, plus any familial patterning that may be limiting your perception of, and trust in, birthing your baby. These shamanic birth rituals coupled with grounding and empowering yoga practices, will align and prepare you on all levels of Self as you move towards this most sacred rites of passage in your life. No experience in energy work is needed and I ensure that both you and your baby are completely safe and protected in all ways.

You will be shown the “how to” and be guided respectfully and lovingly, towards your own power birthing zone.  Our birth courses and childbirth education workshops are highly sought-after and fill quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment.

* Casual attendance towards the end of your pregnancy is allowed if you anticipate that you won’t be able to complete the next course ~ baby arriving, holidays planned etc.

* One makeup class will be allowed if you miss one during the course. You may run that into the next course, or attend another of Denby’s classes during the week. No refunds will be given once the course is paid in full.


* October 18th – December 20th (9 weeks)  $225 


* January 31 ~ March 28 (8 weeks)  $200

*April 25 ~ June 20 (9 weeks)  $225

* July 25 ~ September 12 (8 weeks)  $200

* October 10 ~ December 12 (10 weeks)  $250