Denby Sheather

"breathe deeply, tread lightly..."

Hatha Yoga

Imagine your body stronger, lighter, more open and flexible. Imagine breathing more freely and moving effortlessly. Picture yourself with increased energy and mental clarity.

Hatha Yoga works on your muscles and bones, improves breathing and circulation, stimulates your internal organs and soothes your nervous system. It encourages these body systems to work together with a calm mind to help you manage stress and create a more balanced lifestyle.

Hatha Yoga is a generic term used to describe all forms of yoga that focus on bodily postures (asanas) and breath regulation (pranayama). As one word, Hatha means force and when broken down as Ha-Tha it means Sun-Moon in which Sun is the Soul and Moon is Consciousness. These two forces directly relate to the process of stabilising the fluctuations of the body and mind and balancing the two primary aspects of the nervous system. Hatha Yoga does this by harnessing various forces including tension and softness, strength and flexibility and movement and stillness to bring about a profound sense of well being.

Hatha Yoga is an ancient and sophisticated art form that cannot be learnt on a casual or random basis. It is also an indispensable life skill which, when practised intelligently can balance out your mood swings and restore a sense of equilibrium to your everyday life. In order to achieve this, our yoga practice must be adapted to suit our stage of life, our natural constitution and disposition, the season and weather, the time of day, and any particular factors and stresses we may be experiencing.