Denby Sheather

"breathe deeply, tread lightly..."

Mana Yoga

Mana Yoga is an innovative system of corrective yoga, holistic therapies and energy work that is accessible to every bodyIt is very different, very effective and unlike any other style of yoga you may have tried previously. It is also very addictive! 

Mana Yoga is a unique, authentic, heart based practice that serves to honour, awaken and empower your highest self, in a safe and sacred space.

It is about raising awareness, expanding the healing journey and cultivating self, and global, responsibility, for the good of the ALL; from the platform of your mat.

Together we seek to activate and cleanse all elements of our Self through specific sequencing of remedial and seasonal yoga asana, breath work, meditation and mantra. The integration of individual adjustments/body work, shamanic ritual and healing techniques throughout the practice also makes for an enlightening and potent experience. You will be moved, in many ways and on many levels.

Mana Yoga aligns you with the divine within, strengthening your inner voice and expression of source and above all, revealing your inner guru, so you may walk your path in trust, in truth and always, in alignment with divine timing.

Weekly classes equate to weekly healing sessions, working on multi layers of self and well being.

Monday, Thursday and Friday 9:45am ~ 11am (remedial/general)
Wednesday 7:15pm ~ 8:30pm (gentle)
Thursday 6pm ~ 7:15pm (yoga nidra)
Saturday 8am ~ 9am (challenging)
Saturday 9:30am ~ 11am (active birth)
Sunday 4pm ~ 5:30pm (restorative)

Private healing sessions are also available by appointment, should you wish to receive deeper body and soul work.

These sessions incorporate intuitive diagnosis, body work, karmic clearing, chakra balancing, spirit guide assistance, bowen therapy, crystal therapy and supported with gentle massage. I also use drum, rattle, sage/herbal smudges and essential oils to treat body, mind and soul and bring you into a deep state of peace and personal empowerment.

Each full moon we gather around the sacred altar to celebrate mother nature, mother ocean, the lunar cycles and wisdoms and immerse ourselves in service to healing not only our own stories, but those of the collective consciousness. Themes flow according to the applicable astrological and shamanic tapestries unraveling at the time. These circles are offered in service of Love and are open to both brothers and sisters. Event details can be found on Avalon’s Breathing Space Yoga facebook page each month.

We are so much more than our physical bodies… and so much more capable and connected than we believe. The time is ripe for us to unveil our spiritual and eco warrior, so come explore the universe around and within, with Mana Yoga!

Ahimsa and Aho…
Denby x

Mana Yoga combines the diagnostics of the Japanese and Chinese healing arts with traditional Hatha yoga to create a dynamic and inspirational practice. Each posture (asana) releases and builds upon the energetic intention of the next, having a profound effect on your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical being in each moment.

Classes are designed to reflect the season, the time of day, the seasonal meridians and the needs of individuals to engage all aspects of daily living – exercise, breathing, diet, thought and behaviour. By keeping ourselves aligned with the seasonal elements of earth, fire, wood, water and metal, and maintaining optimal ‘chi’ or ‘ki’ energy flow, we are more able to connect, ground and attune with Nature.  Nature within – Nature without.

There are 5 seasons according to Oriental Therapy and 12 central meridians, upon which Mana Yoga is based:

1. Summer – Fire  element – Heart and Small Intestine; Pericardium and Triple Heater.

Imbalanced meridian:  high blood pressure, digestive issues, heartburn, breathlessness, heart problems, poor circulation/cold extremities, palpitations, sweatiness, tight upper back/shoulders, excitability, facial flushes, stuttering, shy/withdrawn, insensitive.

Balanced meridian: regulated circulation, calm demeanour, joyful, expressive, friendly and compassionate.

2.  Autumn – Metal element – Lungs and Large Intestine/Colon.

Imbalanced meridian:  respiratory issues, pneumonia, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds/flus, hay fever, allergies, haemmoroids, rashes, acne, tense shoulders, sacral and sciatic pain, RSI, insecurity, grief, cellulite, bad breath, judgemental/opinionated.

Balanced meridian: positive and accepting attitude, trusting, vital, clear complexion, ability to let go and move forwards, be inspired.

3. Winter – Water  element – Kidneys and Bladder.

Imbalanced meridian:  infertility, premature ageing, baldness, over/under active sex drive, ear/bone/lower back problems, fatigue, fear, depression, anxiety, salt cravings, poor memory, tinnitus (ringing in ears), headaches/migraines, cramping, weak pelvic floor.

Balanced meridian: confidence, motivation, courageous, creative, willpower, balanced energy, calm, settled.

4. Spring – Wood element – Liver and Gall Bladder.

Imbalanced meridian:  arthritis, weak/painful joints, sore knees, hepatitis, eye sight problems, genital problems, addictive behaviours, manipulative, quick temper, frustration, toxic blood, disorganised, impatience, inflexibility, tight sides, excessively ticklish.

Balanced meridian: patience, ability to plan and delegate, flexible mind and body, creative, intuitive, compassionate.

5. Late Summer – Earth element – Stomach and Spleen.

Imbalanced meridian:  poor digestion and immunity, eating disorders, gastritis, menstrual imbalances, sugar cravings, weight issues, worrying mind, neediness, bloating, weak legs, poor self image, insomnia, mood swings, varicose veins, endometriosis, reflux, ulcers.

Balanced meridian: balanced digestion, no cravings, satisfied, sympathetic nature, centred, sense of self worth, secure and supported.

(* NB: This information on the meridians and the seasons is “public knowledge”).

Mana Yoga is unique in that it draws our awareness directly to the source of any issue to heal and create change: physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Change that you feel immediately and changes that last. It’s not just about working with a learned set of sequences or postures for each season either – it’s about manipulating the energy within each pose in relation to all of the five elements and creating meridian integrity within seasonal flow.  Working like this on a regular basis will cultivate deep and profound healing on all levels.  

Sequences are corrective, which means they target postural and energetic distortion and aim to re-pattern and balance the nervous system, any mental and emotional habits as well as alleviate any experience of dis-ease ie Sinusitis = Metal imbalance = Lung/Colon energy. Asanas can be either dynamic or passive, but are always organic, and you are encouraged to make every pose ‘your own’. Dynamic movement involves repetition where we aim to channel ‘chi’ (energy) into weakened/empty, disconnected areas or overstimulated/full pathways in order to find a more holistic balance. Passive movement involves more focused holding of postures with deeper breath work to open, release and help build ‘chi’.  The subtleties of energy are addressed and developed so your time on the mat becomes a kinergetic healing experience as well; a powerful and intimate journey that moves you through aspects of each element within every pose. Unity. Fusion.

Practising yoga with Denby Sheather (accredited Senior/Level 3 Yoga Teacher – Ki and Hatha – and founder of Mana Yoga, will not only build structural and energetic integrity on all levels of being, but also strengthen your ‘hara’ (belly/mind centre), the very essence of oneself, and create lasting inner power that will sustain you when practising any style of yoga. Denby is passionate about introducing beginners to yoga and teaching foundational courses, as well as general, intermediate and stronger level classes. She is available by appointment for private yoga, rehabilitation and wellbeing consults. Her approach is remedial, holistic and kinaesthetic… plus a little bit eclectic as well! Be prepared for change…

… whatever your level of experience, as long as you can laugh, smile and breathe, you can do Mana Yoga!!