Denby Sheather

"breathe deeply, tread lightly..."

Restorative Yoga

This class combines traditional Hatha restorative postures with the seasonal and spiritual focuses indicative of Mana Yoga.

Muscles as well as energy pathways are stretched to allow for greater flow of ‘chi’ and breath throughout the nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory and endocrine systems.  This creates a profound sense of relaxation allowing for thoughts and tensions to dissolve more easily.

Safe, gentle and deeply relaxing postures – incorporating bolsters, physiotherapy Bak Balls, blankets, straps and blocks – are perfect for those with any joint discomfort, injuries, menstrual discomfort or general inflexibility. Also suitable for mums-to-be, seniors, those with injury/restrictions and anyone with little or no yoga experience.  Intuitive sequences cater for all ages and stages of experience.

Attention is given to the breath and creating a calm and supportive practice that deeply nourishes each individual, so the body can relax, the mind can settle and the heart can open.  Postures are held for longer, allowing for deeper connection and release, on all levels.  Inversions are great restoratives & some basic ones that may be blended into the weekly practice are:  Viparita Karani/legs up the wall; Supported Salamba Sarvangasana/Shoulderstand using the wall; Prasarita Padottanasana/wide leg forward fold and Uttanasana/standing forward fold.

During winter we finish practice with heated salt and crystal sacrum packs. In Spring and Summer you are treated to a head, hand or foot massage. Autumn we serve cleansing teas.

This popular class with shamanic yoga therapist Denby Sheather is a great way to prepare for the week ahead from a place of balance & inner peace. You’ll float home…