Denby Sheather

"breathe deeply, tread lightly..."

Shamanic healing sessions with Denby

These healing sessions are a subtle compliment to my Full Moon medicine circles each month.

Who these sessions are for: Anybody and everybody, especially those who have ‘tried everything else and nothing works’. Working on this deep energetic level, with shamanic tools and intentions, is quite often just what you need to create embodied healing.

Weekdays by appointment only. Some weekend sessions. 
1.5 hr ~ 3hr sessions for a flat rate of $300.

What each session involves:
*A physical/structural assessment with massage, shiatsu, bowen and myofascial techniques.
*Energy channeling to identify blockages and then ritual/shamanic ceremony to open, clear and stabilise each chakra as appropriate. This is profound soul healing, in accordance with your individual records and purpose.
*Some body parts may be massaged with herbs and essential oils ie your feet, hands, scalp, temples.
*No clothing will be removed unless you are receiving (and have agreed to) specific massage on other body parts ie spine, neck, legs.
*Smudging, downloading information from your guides, my whale master guides and using several ceremonial tools (rattle, drum, voice/chanting), will serve to connect you to source, to your own healing abilities and essentially re establish energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment.

You will leave feeling refreshed, enlightened and empowered.

If you are working with a particular issue (on any level) and would like to experience some more esoteric and tribal healing practices other than traditional medicine, then these sessions are for you.

*If you are receiving medical treatment or on prescription medication, at no time do I suggest my treatments are better or a complete alternative, rather, they can support your current regime and just help to clear and strengthen your energy field as much as possible. The ‘work’ can only go as deep as you allow it, so if you’re ready to open your heart and attune to the universal energies that are morphing so rapidly around us, give me a call!

Some testimonials:

“I have experienced profound and extremely positive shifts as a result of my work with Denby. She always creates this sacred space which allows me to feel safe, held and heard. During my sessions it was as though I was staying at a favourite relative’s home – I felt so safe, relaxed and nurtured. Which is not to say it was a passive experience. Quite the contrary – we both worked hard. Denby’s exquisite rituals and attention to sensory detail allowed me to shed many layers. Past attachments, patterns, ways of thinking that no longer served me. I find Denby so empathic and in tune and I believe her healing work is such a powerful conduit for change.” (Felicity Davey)

“Not only is Denby a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher she is a natural spiritual leader and healer. Her vast expertise of the anatomical body, philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga has permanently shifted my perspective of the practice. Denby transfers this knowledge to her shamanic healing sessions invoking a power that is intangible. Denby acts as conduit channelling healing energy on a multi layer level.I didn’t know what to expect at first but after I lay down she immediately tuned in to what needed to be healed in such a way that it brought about immediate benefit and relief. I have known and been treated by Denby for the past year now and have been blessed by her healing touch and the genuine warmth of her soul. I find it hard to put into words just what Denby does or how she does it, but after I asked spirit for help they guided me to this special soul to which I will be eternally grateful.” (Nikki)

“My shamanic sessions with Denby have been deeply profound. Denby is incredibly insightful and intuitive. She has guided me through many personal challenges and allowed a safe space for me to grow, giving me guidance and a supportive nurturing environment to build my strength and confidence.” (Marie)
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