Denby Sheather

"breathe deeply, tread lightly..."

Swiss Ball/Stretch & Relax

Swiss Ball

“Swiss Ball” improves your overall physical strength, balance, muscle tone, posture and flexibility, as well as being an effective way to rehabilitate after injury.  The class suits a wide variety of abilities from beginners, the injured, to more advanced participants.  The strengthening effect of this routine can help significantly reduce back and joint pain, and give you more confidence in day to day tasks.

Stretch & Relax

“Stretch” is a unique blend of hand-picked stretches and postures aimed to deeply relax body and mind. Tension accumulated over many years can gradually be released, allowing you to feel better. The stretching sequences will improve your strength, flexibility, balance, posture and agility. Most importantly, you participate at an intensity that feels right for you. Stretch” concludes with a short ‘guided relaxation’ and will leave you feeling calm, refreshed and ready for the day.

The class can be adapted to suit a wide variety of abilities, from beginners, the injured, to more advanced levels of experience.

Swiss Ball and Stretch Classes can be attended separately, or as a 90 minute ‘combo’ session.